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What’s STEAM about?

We encourage your children to explore robotics and science by themselves, being led by specialists 

We mix robotics, electronics and coding together with fun games and visual art. Educational robotic activities are interactive and hands-on learning experiences. By its nature, the study of robotics not only encompasses all five pillars of STEAM education, but also enhances important life skills like structured thinking, teamwork, communication, and project-based organisation

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. It is like traditional  STEM activities but with a dose of Art when possible

All girls and boys can explore robotics hands-on with Stamford STEAM Centre. Our activities are suitable for kids between age 5-16

Our sessions are developed in a way to bring exciting experiences to kids and ignite their curiosity by bringing abstract concepts to life using robots

What do we do?

Our Activities

Build, Program and Play

In our Build, Program and Play activity, kids get to develop and play with a number of different constructions over the duration of the course. As usual, the emphasis is

Robotics Club for Beginners

Robotics, electronics, engineering and coding, our activity has it all Come and have fun with us for sessions full of trial and error. In each session we explore robotics through

Robotics Club Intermediate

Activity Description The emphasis is on fun, yet we encourage learning about concepts through dialogue and questioning. Prior knowledge of Lego Mindstorms robotics is required. We suggest attending our Robotics

Arduino Club for Beginners

Micro-controllers, sensors, actuators, circuits and programming. Our electronics & programming with Arduino is designed in a way to introduce kids to embedded systems and electronic system integration. Prior knowledge of

Other Events

Other Events

STEAM Topic Presentations If you are organising events for schools or community groups and you are interested in Robotic Activities, we can deliver introductory presentations or full activity sessions at

Who are we?

Joanna Bakali

Activity Leader

Joanna possesses a BSc and a MSc degree from Kavala Institute of Technology on Industrial Informatics and Advanced Technologies. She never stopped building LEGO constructions and loves experimenting with new technologies. Joanna has been tutoring educational robotics and STEAM since 2008 to over 1000 kids and a large number of adults. Also, she holds a key role in organising the annual i2fest event, the largest festival of new technologies and educational robotics in Greece

When she is not taking things apart and then not being able to put them back together again, she loves cooking and long road trips. Joanna was born in North Greece but she lives in Stamford with partner Panos (and many robots)

Panos Katranitsas

Activity Team

Panos holds a BSc on Industrial Informatics and an MSc on Embedded Systems with Management and has spent most of his summers as a kid playing around construction sites. Then his passion for cars, construction machines and everything that has an engine and moves led him to a career as systems engineer with a few well-known automotive and construction OEMs around the world

He was born in Greece and is primarily based in the UK since 2011. Panos lives in Stamford with partner Joanna (and her robots)

All team members have satisfactory enhanced DBS checks

Do you need more details?

To register your interest or request more details please get in touch with us

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